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Hydroseeding Service & Lawncare Services in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Landscaping Construction - Clover Landscape

Keep a green lawn year-round with the hydroseeding and lawn services of Clover Landscape in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Our architects assist you in achieving the lawn you have long desired. From start to finish, loam to hydroseed, our work will ensure your lawn is easy to maintain.

Landscape Construction

Transform your home landscape into a vibrant oasis. From minor additions or improvements to a total landscape overhaul, Clover Landscape will come to your site and rebuild it to your specifications. We take care of your trees, shrubs, and planting beds. You will fully realize the value our work has added to your property through the use of our computerized before-and-after landscape images.

Our Landscape Services Include:

  • Sodding
  • Custom Retaining Walls & Steps
  • Hydroseeding Lawns
  • Installing Stone or Shell Driveways
  • Custom Rock Engraving
  • Planting & Transplanting Trees

Erosion Services

Give your property’s soil, grass, and plants the support it needs to maintain grade while keeping it beautiful. We offer erosion control services and add annuals and perennials to give it that special final touch.

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